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The products from Biner Cards (pronounced beener, like carabiner) are designed to give the do-it-yourself outdoor enthusiast the basic information they need to simply go out and do an activity. Additional information for each activity is available on our web site and a QR Code plus an easy-to-use web address are included right on our products to help you navigate directly to the additional information.

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Our Products

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Biner Card

Do it yourself

Our original product, a Biner Card is a small laminated card which attaches conveniently to your pack with a carabiner.Really, it's a glorified bookmark, but it's waterproof, and weighs next-to-nothing.

Carry one of these for a handy-at-all-times reference instead of hauling your heavy book or map, or killing a tree by printing all that great information off the internet. Activity Biner Cards include location information, difficulty information (distance, elevation gain, difficulty rating), highlights, recommendations, and cautions and, description (ie. Instructions). Informational Biner Cards include... Information!

The inner (laminated) hole on a Biner Card is 3/8". We recommend a small "accessory" carabiner for these little guys.

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The ultimate multi-use gear

Bandanas are an incredibly useful item for an outdoors enthusiast. We all look for gear that does double-duty, but bandanas can be used for dozens of purposes. See Outdoor Life for the 25 most-practical.

Binerdanas are printed with a trail map of a specific area. They are particularly useful for overnight (ie. backpack) trips. They sport a metal grommet in the top corner so you can attach the Binerdana to your pack with a carabiner.

Binerdanas come with a 3/8" grommet which fits the small "accessory" carabiners, however, when you place your order, if you want a 1/2" grommet instead (which would fit a larger carabiner), let us know.

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To help out

Designed to fit your Biner Card products perfectly, we offer custom Carabiners and Velcro Straps.

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