We would love to do every single activity out there and create Biner products to describe them. Alas, time, money and our physical ability won't allow for that, so we need your help in creating Biner products for outdoor activities around the world.


Although the photos aren't the focal point of our cards, they are super important to show people what they are likely to see if they do the described activity. Contribute a photo for the front or back of a Biner Card (or both), and we'll pay you $0.10 (per photo per card per sale). What this means is that each time a Biner Card is sold with your photo(s) on it, we pay you $0.10 per photo. It's a great opportunity to make a little cash from your photos.

We have to be very careful to ensure that photos we use on our Biner Cards are actually owned by the person who sends them to us. No sending us Stock Photos and claiming them as your own! If we are not certain, we may ask you to send us additional photos from your trip showing the same scenery from different angles, or with you or your friends in the photos. Obviously by sending us your photos you are granting us the rights to use your photos on the applicable Biner Card product (although we won't use them elsewhere without your written permission).

The photos on our Biner Cards go at the top of the card. That is also where we punch our holes so that the card goes onto the carabiner. The best photos to use on the front of a Biner Card will still look great with a big hole punched out of the left side (scenery on the right), and the best photos to use on the back will still look great with a big hole punched out on the right side (scenery on the left). Please keep that in mind when sending in your pics.

We reserve the right to use (or not use) photos submitted for specific cards. Sending in your photo does not guarantee that we'll be able to use it.

If you are a professional photographer, we will add a link to your photography web site under the "More Information" links section for your Biner Card(s).

Contact us at to contribute photos to Biner Cards.


We'd be thrilled if you'd like to help us develop Biner Cards for places you've been that we haven't. We pay $0.20 per card per sale for cards you've contributed content for (plus the photo amounts, per above). If you'd like to help us out by providing the content to develop a Biner Card, please contact us first at to start the process. We will need your help in developing the standard content for a Biner Card, including:

  1. Photos (see above)
  2. Location information
  3. Difficulty specs (distance, elevation gain, etc)
  4. Highlights, Cautions and Recommendations
  5. Brief trail description
  6. Links for more information

If you are a professional guide, we will add your contact information to the Biner Card, plus a link to your web site under the "More Information" links section for "your" Biner Card(s).

Getting Paid

Our Fiscal Year End is at the end of July each year. We automatically pay out all contributor balances greater than $10 just before our FYE. You can use your credit balance to pay for a Biner Cards order at any time. You can see your balance on your 'My Account' page at any time.