List All for Biner Card

Activity Name Location Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain Surface  
InformationCanadian Rockies Wildlife SafetyView
InformationFirst Aid Cheat SheetView
HikeBelmont WalkwaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy2km return0mView
HikeBequia HeadSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy to Moderate5km return160mView
HikeBoom LakeCanada: BC: KootenayEasy to Moderate10.2km return185m (607ft)View
HikeBuller PassCanada: Alberta: KananaskisModerate13.4km return670mView
HikeBurgess Pass and Yoho Pass LoopCanada: BC: YohoModerate19.7km return880m (2890ft)View
HikeBurgess Shale - Walcott QuarryCanada: BC: YohoModerate20km return760m (2500ft)View
HikeBurstall PassCanada: Alberta: KananaskisModerate15km return475mView
HikeCastle LookoutCanada: Alberta: BanffModerate7.6km return550m (1800ft)View
HikeCline River Canyon to Coral Creek CanyonCanada: Alberta: David Thompson CountryEasy7.7km155mView
HikeColiseum MountainCanada: Alberta: David Thompson CountryModerate13km return680mView
HikeCrescent Falls and Bighorn CanyonCanada: Alberta: David Thompson CountryEasy to Moderate6.2km return80mView
HikeEmerald Lake ShorelineCanada: BC: YohoEasy5.2kmNegligibleView
HikeFloe LakeCanada: BC: KootenayModerate21km return715m (2350ft)View
HikeGrassi LakesCanada: Alberta: CanmoreEasy to Moderate3.1km300m (984ft)View
HikeHamilton FortSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy to Moderate3km return60mView
HikeHarvey PassCanada: Alberta: BanffModerate to Difficult19.2km return1045m (3431ft)View
HikeHelen LakeCanada: Alberta: BanffModerate12km455mView
HikeHorseshoe CanyonCanada: Alberta: DrumhellerEasy to Moderate8km return50mView
HikeHorsethief CanyonCanada: Alberta: DrumhellerEasy to Moderate10km return50mView
HikeIcelineCanada: BC: YohoModerate13km return700m (2300ft)View
HikeLa Pompe to MoonholeSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy to Moderate9km return10m; loss 10mView
HikeLa SoufriereSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: St. VincentModerate12km return600mView
HikeLake OesaCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraEasy to Moderate6.4km return240m (785ft)View
HikeLake O'Hara ShorelineCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraEasy3.0km returnNegligibleView
HikeLeanchoil HoodoosCanada: BC: YohoModerate to Difficult6.4km return460mView
HikeLeura Cascades Fern Bower CircuitAustralia: New South Whales: Blue Mountain National ParkEasy to Moderate4.5km return220m lossView
HikeMcArthur LakeCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraEasy to Moderate7km return310m (1025ft)View
HikeMt. Peggy via Friendship BaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy to Moderate2.5km return240mView
HikeNuma Pass via Numa CreekCanada: BC: KootenayModerate to Difficult27km return945mView
HikeOpabin PlateauCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraEasy to Moderate7.2km return250m (820ft)View
HikePlain of Six GlaciersCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseModerate14km return450mView
HikePowderface Creek to Powderface RidgeCanada: Alberta: Bragg CreekModerate13km return509m, 289m LossView
HikeRockbound LakeCanada: Alberta: BanffModerate16.8km760m (2500ft)View
HikeSchaffer LakeCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraEasy3km return175mView
HikeSheol ValleyCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseModerate15km return580mView
HikeSiffleur FallsCanada: Alberta: David Thompson CountryEasy to Moderate14km return126mView
HikeStanley GlacierCanada: BC: KootenayModerate9.6km return375mView
HikeTakkakaw FallsCanada: BC: YohoEasy1kmNegligibleView
HikeTaylor LakeCanada: Alberta: BanffModerate9.8km return585m (1920ft)View
HikeTumbling Pass via Numa CreekCanada: BC: KootenayModerate to Difficult23km return840mView
HikeTurtle SanctuarySt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasy to Moderate8km return40m ;loss 40mView
HikeTwin FallsCanada: BC: YohoModerate17km290m (950ft)View
HikeVerdant PassCanada: Alberta: JasperModerate to Difficult22.6km return665mView
HikeVermont Nature TrailSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: St. VincentEasy to Moderate3km return140mView
HikeWilcox PassCanada: Alberta: Columbia IcefieldsEasy to Moderate8-10+km335m (1100ft)View
HikeWildflower Riot at Floe LakeCanada: BC: KootenayEasy to Moderate8+km return125mView
HikeYoho LakeCanada: BC: YohoEasy to Moderate10.1km return300m (300m (985ft)View
HikeYukness Ledges via Lake OesaCanada: BC: Yoho: Lake O'HaraModerate11.7km return500m Loss: 200mView
BackpackBerg LakeCanada: BC: Mt. RobsonModerate to Difficult42km788mView
BackpackNuma CreekCanada: BC: KootenayEasy to Moderate12.8km returnNegligibleView
BackpackSkoki via Baker CreekCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseModerate36.7km over 3 days950mView
BackpackSkoki via Deception PassCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseModerate36.7km over 3 days950mView
BackpackTombstone Lakes via Elbow LakeCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate16.6km return150mView
Mountain BikeCooking Lake BlackfootCanada: Alberta: EdmontonEasy to ModerateVariesVariesPacked dirtView
Path RideBanff Legacy TrailCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to Moderate34km returnNegligibleView
Winter HikeBanff HoodoosCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to Moderate10.2km return70mView
Winter HikeDeath ValleyCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate14km return60m lossView
Winter HikeForan Grade TrailCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate7.4km return225mView
Winter HikeGrotto CanyonCanada: Alberta: CanmoreEasy6km return200mView
Winter HikeHeart CreekCanada: Alberta: CanmoreEasy4km return100m (328ft)View
Winter HikeHummingbird Plume LookoutCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate8.4k return350mView
Winter HikeJohnston CanyonCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to Moderate6.4km return135mView
Winter HikeLake Minnewanka ShorelineCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to ModerateUp to 16km returnNegligibleView
Winter HikeMaligne CanyonCanada: Alberta: JasperEasy to Moderate10-12 km return120m (395ft) LossView
Winter HikeTroll FallsCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy4kmNegligibleView
Winter HikeValley of Five LakesCanada: Alberta: JasperEasy to Moderate8.3km return30mView
Snow ShoeAmisk WucheCanada: Alberta: Elk Island ParkEasy2.5km returnNegligibleView
Snow ShoeChester LakeCanada: Alberta: KananaskisModerate7.8km return220mView
Snow ShoeHogarth LakesCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy4.5kmNegligibleView
Snow ShoeInk PotsCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to Moderate12.6km return215m (700ft)View
Snow ShoeLobstick RiverCanada: Alberta: EdmontonEasy to Moderate8km returnNegligibleView
Snow ShoePtarmigan CirqueCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate4.5km return50mView
Snow ShoeRawson LakeCanada: Alberta: KananaskisEasy to Moderate6.8km return305mView
Snow ShoeRummel LakeCanada: Alberta: KananaskisModerate10km return350mView
Snow ShoeStoney SquawCanada: Alberta: BanffEasy to Moderate4.4km return190mView
Cross-Country SkiGreat Divide TrailCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseEasy to Moderate20km returnNegligibleGroomed and Track-SetView
Cross-Country SkiMoraine Lake RoadCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseModerate18km return250mGroomed and Track-SetView
Cross-Country SkiPipestone LoopCanada: Alberta: Banff: Lake LouiseEasy to Moderate13.3km return190mGroomed and Track-SetView
SnorkelFriendship BaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines: BequiaEasyView
SnorkelPeter's Hope BaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines: St. VincentEasy to ModerateView
SnorkelVilla BeachSt. Vincent and the Grenadines: St. VincentEasyView